How to participate in custom bid on gem

Today we are going to learn how we can proceed on the Gem Portal if any of your buyers have published a custom bid. So will see “How to participate in a custom bid on the gem”.

On GeM Portal, as everyone knows all the categories are not available. Not all sellers are able to upload their products on GeM Portal. For this GeM launched a solution for sellers as well as buyers. We are helping people for the last few years for GeM Portal.

To participate in any custom bid on the gem portal first you need to complete few basic steps so that you may participate in the custom bid on the gem portal.

Registration on GeM Portal

First of all, you must have a gem seller account on the government e-marketplace website. If you have not yet created your seller’s account, we can help you with the same, Our team can create your gem account. If you want to do it by yourself you may go to the gem website and do it yourself.

Complete Your GeM Profile

Now, once you have registered on the portal, you have your user id and password, now it’s time to complete your company details in your gem profile. Because you may only proceed further once you have completed your gem profile. If you are unable to complete any step in your gem profile then you can not proceed further, to get help in completing your gem profile our team of experts may help you for the same.

Caution Money Payment

Once you are registered and completed your profile the next major step that you need to do is to deposit caution money in your gem account. This is now a major step if you want to work on the gem portal. There are many ways to deposit the same in your gem account, for caution money if you want any help from our experts, we are ready to help you.

Search Your Bid & Participate

To participate in your custom bid, search the particular bid number on the gem portal. After that, you can participate in the custom bid. For participation on the gem portal, if you need any assistance you may contact our team and they will help you with everything.

We also provide a training program for the gem portal, As we provide complete personalized gem portal virtual training sessions (one-to-one training sessions). For more information please contact us so that we may help you. Visit










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