Vendor Assessment GeM

₹1,12,000 Crore worth of Goods and Services have been bought through GeM till now. After the Launch of the GeM Portal in August 2016 by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, it has shown quick development. Vendor assessment gem. Vendor Assessment GEM For the individuals who aren’t acquainted with the term ‘Pearl,’ how about we … Read more

How to participate in custom bid on gem

How to participate in custom bids on gem

Today we are going to learn how we can proceed on the Gem Portal if any of your buyers have published a custom bid. So will see “How to participate in a custom bid on the gem”. On GeM Portal, as everyone knows all the categories are not available. Not all sellers are able to … Read more

list of items on gem portal

List of Items on GeM Portal

List of Items on Gem Portal If you are here that means you are a supplier on the gem or you want to become a seller on the gem that’s why you are looking for list of items on gem portal and you want to check the products list available on the gem. Our information can … Read more

Required Documents For Gem Registration

required documents for gem registration

How to Start Business as a Seller on GeM The following documents are required for Seller Registration: PAN CardAadhaar CardMobile Number Connected With AadhaarEmail IdComplete Business AddressITR Latest (ITR with computation where profit and gain from business & sales grossreceipts of business).MSME (If Any)Trade Mark Certificate (If Any)NSIC (If Any)Type of Products or Services Provided … Read more

list of suppliers on gem

list of suppliers on gem

Gem List Of Suppliers On Gem Portal As gem is trending now everyone wants to know about the suppliers on the gem portal. every business owner wants to track their competitors on the gem portal. As everyone wants a list of suppliers on gem portal. If you dont know about gem portal let me explain … Read more

How to upload products on gem

Everyone who registers on gem has this question in their mind that how to upload products on gem? The answer to this question is kind of tricky for everyone. As it is not possible for everyone to upload products on gem or services. There are 2 options for this question for everyone. First is to … Read more

How to register on gem portal?

register on gem portal

Before we go to how to register on gem portal? let’s clear our doubts on what is gem portal? Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a one-stop entry to encourage the online acquisition of normal use Goods and Services required by different Government Departments/Organisations/PSUs. Pearl plans to improve straightforwardness, productivity, and speed in open obtainment. It gives … Read more

GeM Seller Registration

gem seller registration

GeM seller registration process | GeM portal registration as seller | GeM registration fees | seller registration |GeM registration video |GeM registration form | how to register product in gem भारत सरकार जेम नाम से अमेजन और फ्लिपकार्ट की तरह सरकारी ई-कॉमर्स प्लेटफॉर्म का 3.0 वर्जन लाएगी, जहाँ बिज़नेस करने वाले अपने प्रोडक्ट को … Read more

GeM Portal Registration

gem portal registration

WHAT IS GEM PORTAL REGISTRATION? The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an administration run web based business entrance. It is a one-stop to encourage and empower simple online acquisition of the Consumer Goods and Services that are required by different Government Departments, Organizations and PSUs. gem portal registration The legislature under the Allocation of Business Rules, … Read more

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