How to register on gem portal?

Before we go to how to register on gem portal? let’s clear our doubts on what is gem portal?

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a one-stop entry to encourage the online acquisition of normal use Goods and Services required by different Government Departments/Organisations/PSUs. Pearl plans to improve straightforwardness, productivity, and speed in open obtainment. It gives the apparatuses of e-offering, invert e-sale and request conglomeration to encourage the administration clients to accomplish the best an incentive for their cash.

So, now we know what is gem portal, let’s see how to register on gem portal

There are two types of registrations on gem portal

  • Gem Seller
  • Gem Buyer

Who is Gem Buyer & Who is GeM Seller?

A GeM buyer can be any government office of India who want to buy something for their office.

A Seller is a business owner who want to sell to their products or services on the gem portal.

We are here as a business owner of employees so we will register as a seller on the gem portal.

Lets see Who can register on gem portal?

A business owner whose product or service category are available on the gem portal can register on the portal. Like pen, pencil, uniforms, medical supplies, house keeping services, etc. All these kind of business owners can register on gem portal.

What are the required documents to register on the gem portal?

  • Udyog Adhaar or Company Registration or LLP Registration
  • VAT/TIN Number (if applicable)
  • Bank Account & supporting KYC documents
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Canceled cheque copy

Once you have all these documents with you go for the registration form on the gem portal.

But if you don’t know how you can register on gem portal you can contact gem consultants and we will register your business on the gem portal.

Once you are registered on the gem portal what to do next?

register on gem portalAfter getting registered on the gem portal now you need to upload all your products and services on the gem portal so that government offices can see your products and services and make purchases of your products or services.

To do that you can do it by yourself or get help from

After uploading your products and services of you are a reseller then your products or services will be live and approved in 24 Hours.

But if you are a manufacturer then you need to go for the vendor assessment which will take a time of 15 days after that your products and services will be live. Fee for vendor assessment is around 13 or 14 thousand.

Once you are approved for selling on gem Now its time to make bids for the products or services you provide.

And forbidding you can do it by yourself if you are trained for it or you can contact for it we will help you with everything.

Now its time to know how the sellers or business owners get their payments?

The answer is once the product or service is delivered to the government department they initiate the payment in the sellers bank account that means sellers get the payment directly in their bank accounts just after the 10 days of completing the order.

So now you became a seller on gem. But lets talk about benefits on gem portal.

What are the benefits that a seller or a business owner gets from the gem portal.

Advantages of Selling on the Government E-Marketplace

Government of India is one of the biggest buyers of products and enterprises in India, spending lakhs of crores. Be that as it may, most SMEs and Startups in India have been not able to offer to the Government because of bulky methods and postponements in instalment. The Government E-Marketplace or GeM targets upsetting the present framework and presenting a spotless and proficient system for Government buys. Thus, its significant for all organizations to be enlisted on the Government E-Marketplace and make the Government a client. Coming up next are a portion of the extra advantages of being a vendor on the Government E-Marketplace:

  • Direct access to all Govt. departments.
  • One stop marketing place with minimal marketing efforts.
  • No need to watch for tenders of different govt. departments: Once you offer your product, Govt. Departments would themselves approach you.
  • Freedom from product registration: No need to run for product and model registration etc.
  • Products accepted against supplier’s guarantee / warrantee and generally free from regular consignment inspection testing and evaluation procedures.
  • Freedom from fixed specifications: No need to customize to given specifications. Market your product with all features defined by you. Update and upgrade products as soon and as many times as you find it necessary.
  • Dynamic pricing – price can be changed based on market conditions – no fixed price for whole year – no fear of fluctuation of raw material prices or exchange rate variations.
  • Dynamic product listing – no need to run for model up-gradation / changes. List your latest products and market them based on features and your competitive prices.
  • Get complete information of all Govt. requirements through Annual Procurement Plans.
  • Timely payment guaranteed.
  • Consistent and uniform purchase procedures and terms and conditions of contract.

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